BAVAN Studio is a brand that offers elegant/ party outfits associated with a premium aspirational universe with Portuguese DNA.

A brand aiming at elegant pieces, with a bold and youthful touch, and designs adapted to all female silhouettes.

We use delicate and comfortable fabrics, of impeccable production, which fit well on the body and promote the comfort of our customers.

Ethical approach:

BAVAN Studio is a 100% Portuguese brand that advocates a conscious, ethical and sustainable approach to the fashion universe. 

We fight against fast and disposable fashion, that's why we create attractive, timeless and quality models. We only produce a limited quantity per model, and we try to reuse all the remains of fabrics avoiding waste with an underlying logic of recycling. 

Of Portuguese production, BAVAN Studio promotes fair wages and quality production.

Feminine approach:

Brand created by women and for women. Three partners, friends, mothers and workers who came together in a common project.

We crossed obstacles, borders and high walls because we do not abdicate conciliation in our different social roles. 

A brand of character and strength, representing strong women, who every day reinvent and readapt to their realities, sharing energy and hope!